CRM & Lifecycle Marketing

Creating human conversations at scale with data-driven, end to end customer engagement solutions.

Ready to attract, convert and retain more customers? Take a customer-first approach to business growth with Email & Mobile.

Audit & Customer Journey Mapping

Campaigns should drive the actions you want customers to take at any given stage. A good journey map and strategy will ensure you deliver the right message, with the right content, at the right time.

Segmentation & Audience Growth

Grow your active subscriber list through opt-in forms. Leverage segmentation to identify an at-risk customer and win them back. Review engagement to ensure high deliverability and conversion rates.

Automated Flows & Drip Campaigns

Whether a customer has just opted in or purchased their 5th product, they should receive a customized flow that speaks to their unique journey stage. Automate the sales process while still ensuring a personalized experience.

Targeted Launch Campaigns

Upcoming product launch, recurring holiday campaign, weekly newsletter? A managed campaign calendar helps to plan ahead and optimize return on ad hoc and recurring campaigns.

Creative Briefs, Content & Copywriting

Stand out from the crowd with compelling creative and copy. From Subject Lines to CTAs to supporting materials, ensure your templates are great to look at and high-converting.

A/B Testing, Reporting & Optimization

Don’t take a ‘set it and forget it’ approach. Learn from customer engagement and evolve your strategy accordingly. Don’t settle for OK when you could have great results.

Are you having the right conversation with your customers at the right time?

Why CRM & Lifecycle Marketing?

Build relationships as you would with friends, by extending your own personality into your business. A clear strategy on how to interact with your customers at every stage of their journey can build brand loyalty and unlock massive growth opportunities.

Improved personalization

Collect zero- and first-party data to enhance the customer experience.

Better insights

Understand which messaging resonates by analyzing engagement and behavioral data.

Increased retention & loyalty

Refer back to past purchases or actions to have 1:1 conversations at scale.

Untapped revenue potential

Enhance your customer’s experience and increase their lifetime value with upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

“It’s no secret that email marketing drives conversions and revenue … consumers who come to your site and make a purchase via an email link spend on average 138% more than other customers.”

Campaign Monitor

73% of consumers prefer to do business with brands what use personal information to make their shopping experiences more relevant”

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