What Makes a CRM Program Successful?

It’s about leveraging a customer-centric set of tools across Email & Mobile to send the right message to the right audience at the right time. We believe in human conversations and relationship building – and that the best marketing programs allow you to be yourself at scale. Here are a few ways to ensure you’re getting the most out of your program.

Clear customer journey

Before determining which campaigns to setup – real-time trigger-based messaging, automated flows, one-time sends, SMS, in-app push, modals – you must first take the time to understand key moments and next best actions for customers to take as they interact with your brand.

Automated flows

Pre-schedule messages to send once a particular action is or is not taken, based on the data available to you. Leverage the power of automation with real-time messages, triggered campaigns, SMS series and more, to reach your customers at scale.

Clear next best actions

At every stage in the customer journey, there is one identifiable action that consumers should take. Whether that is signing up for a newsletter, or purchasing a second product, make sure your primary call to action speaks directly to what will drive the most impact, at that particular moment.

Segmented audience

Customers should receive unique messaging depending on which actions they have or have not taken. Segment your audience into buckets based on past purchase behavior, average order value, demographics and more, to ensure you’re maximizing engagement and revenue opportunities.

Campaign calendar

A managed calendar is paramount to being able to plan ahead and develop a clear content strategy. Map out upcoming holidays or promotional periods and ensure that you have a program to support and drive sales.

Measurable testing plan

One of the best things about CRM technology is that it allows you to create a feedback loop between the types of messages you send, and how they’re received by customers. Leverage those insights to test, optimize and test again.

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