Why Email & Mobile?

Top 6 Benefits of Email

Email is the cornerstone of a successful Lifecycle Marketing strategy, and the unsung hero of Digital Marketing.

Owned Channel

You have full authority on creative and how, when and why you reach out to your subscribers. No external entity can impact this, provided you follow CAN-SPAM and other region-dependant compliance regulations.


Time and time again we’ve learned that customers want human, personalized experiences. Email is a way to connect with each individual one-on-one, developing unique relationships at scale.

Trust Building

Build brand awareness and credibility by sharing relevant and useful content at each stage of your customer’s lifecycle journey. Show up for your customers in the moments that matter, just as you would for a friend.

Automated Tasks

With a consumer-facing business, you simply won’t be able to speak to everyone concurrently. From triggered flows to drip campaigns, leverage automation to ensure you keep the conversation rolling.

Investment Return

Email is hugely cost-effective, providing a massive reach and an incredible return on investment. It pays dividends to invest in your CRM & Lifecycle Marketing strategy to retain more customers – the greater your loyalty and repeat purchase rates, the greater your ROI.

Device Extension

In today’s world, your customer could be at home on their laptop or on the go and checking email on mobile. Provided you follow good deliverability practices, however and wherever your customers are viewing, your messages will always reach their inbox.

“For every $1 marketers spend on email marketing, they receive $36 in return.”


“79% of marketers list email in their top 3 most effective marketing channels.”

Litmus, 2021 state of email

Why Mobile Matters, Too

Mobile now accounts for nearly 75% of all digital media time, so it’s prudent to take a responsive or mobile-first approach to email design. There are also plenty of other opportunities to engage with consumers where they are most active, including SMS, App Push and Modal.

“Stats say 42% of email is now opened on a mobile device”


“Push notifications can have a deliverability rate of 90%, and their click rate is at times 7x higher than that of email marketing”


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